Wills, Trusts & Probate

Planning ahead to look after your loved ones and dealing with matters when someone has sadly passed away can be difficult issues to address, both practically and emotionally.

GHW Solicitors work with care and sensitivity, giving you all the guidance and advice you need to make decision that are right for you and for future generations.


If you die without making a Will this can lead to uncertainty, disputes and your loved ones may not be adequately provided for. Making a Will is about taking control and putting safeguards in place so that things are a little easier for those you leave behind. Here at GHW Solicitors we will listen to your needs and then provide you with sound advice, including the best way to structure your Will to protect your assets for the future.

We make our fees clear from the start, and there are no hidden extras for storing or releasing your Will. We can also arrange house or hospital visits if you are unable to come see us in the office.


If you would like to set up a trust in your Will to minimise inheritance tax liability or to provide for beneficiaries who may be too young to inherit or unable to manage an inheritance themselves, we will advise you on how best to ensure that your wishes are met.

We can also help if you want set up a trust during your lifetime rather than through your Will. We will guide you through the process and can draft all the relevant documentation for you.

If you are a trustee and need guidance on managing a trust, we can provide expert advice either on a one-off basis or long term.


The death of a loved one is a very difficult time. GHW Solicitors have the expertise and experience to help you through. We understand however that dealing with probate matters is often the last thing on your mind. That’s why we are committed to providing a professional, sensitive and efficient service tailored to meet your needs.